baby I know you belong to yourself before anyone else and I respect that but you are mine

– R’J (via thechildofstyle)

Two types of people who can’t look at you in the eyes:
Someone trying to hide a lie,
And someone trying to hide a love.

– (via silencedbywords)

I laugh harder with you. I feel more myself with you. I trust you with me—the real me. When something goes wrong, or right, or I hear a funny joke, or I see something bizarre, you’re the first person I want to talk to about it.

Before Jamaica Lane (via for-anonymous-romantics)

I’m getting bad again but I’m too tired to care.

– (via chelseachiodos)

When we love ourselves, we naturally shine, we are naturally beautiful. And that draws others to us. Before we know it, they’re loving us and it’s up to us to choose who to share our love with.

– Kamal Ravikant (via angelofgaia)